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The KeyBank Business Boost and Build (KBBB) program concluded on June 30, 2021.

Born out of a four-year grant from the KeyBank Foundation, KBBB helped accelerate inclusive economic growth, serving more than 5,500 companies, and creating more than 7,000 jobs throughout New York and Ohio. In the third year of the program, the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted the clients and partners of the KBBB program.

Together, KeyBank and JumpStart mobilized to deploy $1M in small business stabilization grants across New York and Ohio. This funding helped catalyze $13.5M+ in additional financial support from other public, private, and philanthropic partners for stabilization grants, 45% of these grants supporting Black or Latino small business owners.

The KeyBank Business Boost and Build program surpassed the ambitious goals it set out to achieve:

  • $3.5B in overall economic impact
  • $2.26B in follow-on capital and revenue raised by entrepreneurs
  • 3286 small businesses served by the program; 87% led by women or people of color
  • 1973 tech startups served by the program; 43% led by women or people of color
  • 1212 small businesses served by JumpStart in Northern Ohio; 88% led by women or people of color
  • 1228 businesses served by organizations receiving grants from the KBBB program in New York; 87% led by women or people of color
  • 1464 companies impacted by support form Ohio’s KeyBank Center for Technology, Innovation and Inclusive Growth
  • 125 students secured paid internships through the Emerging Talent Network, 94 have gained permanent employment

Over the past four years, a tremendous amount has changed for startups and small businesses. With new opportunities on the horizon, JumpStart and KeyBank are looking at new ways to serve small businesses through collaboration.